amazon is a customer centric company. Amazon listing process is first step to sell on amazon. Vision is to best price , wide range of products & convenience to the customer. If Seller will join this vision of Amazon then only they can run a sustainable business on amazon. Amazon Helps only those sellers who follows amazon’s policy guideline. So Amazon also gives push & those seller grow very fast. So just start notice these given important points to grow your business online.

so amazon listing process is very easy to understand if you follow properly.

Amazon Pre Registration for amazon listing process:

  • Step 1: New Mobile no. & Email id
  • Step 2.Business Registration Docs
    • GST
    • PAN Card
    • Bank Account
    • Sign
  • Step 3.Amazon Seller Registration
  • Step 4.Amazon Seller Approval
    • Category Approval
    • Brand Approval
    • Own brand approval
      1. GTIN Exemption
      2. BRAND Registry with Trademark
  • Step 5: Finally Listing Product:
  • Step 6 Product Pricing
  • Step 7 packaging material

Step 1: New Mobile no. & Email id for amazon listing process

It will be great if you take a separate number or phone to manage your Business.

Step 2.Business Registration Docs

Prepare your seller Docs before seller registration.

GST: GST is mandatory to start your business. As some people think that they can start without GST. So let me tell those guys who wants to sell a Book or raw food . Then they can because these types of products comes under Exempted Category which do not need GST. So just keep in your mind that almost category we need GST from day one . so start for amazon listing process.

PAN Card: Have to upload your PAN card on amazon portal. it is important for amazon listing process

Bank Account: if you don’t have a current account now. Then you can add your saving account but it will be great if you will apply for your current account.

SIGN: Upload your sign on a white paper and upload it on Amazon’s panel. It is mandatory to upload your sing o n amazon’s panel.

Step 3. Amazon Seller Registration:

you can do account registration easily but some things that are very important to mention in amazon listing process. As I already mentioned that you need a email id and phone number for your business. Similarly, when you register here on amazon , then you have a two step verification process.

For this Amazon send OTP on your mobile phone. Then you have to verify and only then you can login to your amazon seller dashboard. But for your safe side ,you have another option to enter another number. So You must put your primary or your personal number there. After seller registration you have some more procedures.

Step 4. Amazon Seller Approval:

You will be a seller when you take approval from your Amazon account after seller account registration.

Category Approval: when you start amazon Listing process of Your product on Amazon portal. Then you have to take CATEGORY Approval from amazon before list your product. If your product category is restricted category on Amazon. Such as: Food items, Grocery, Beauty Products, then You will have to take category approval from Amazon portal dashboard.

Brand Approval: there are also some restricted brand on amazon. So if you want to sell under those restricted brands then you have to take approval from restricted brand also.

Own brand approval: if you want to sell products under your brand name at private level. Then you have to take separate approval for that. It also has two process.

  • Own Brand Name GTIN exemption
  • Brand Registry

GTIN Exemption: seller who do not have TRADEMARK . If they want to sell on their brand name products. Then they have to take GTIN exemption as an Approval from Amazon.

BRAND Registry with Trademark: seller who registered their brand trademark they can go for brand registry. They have to take approval in the brand registry. So when you go to product listing before that you have to take approval first. Only after that you can start selling.

Step 5: Finally Amazon Listing Process for your Product

Now you have to list your product means do the cataloging. Because you have got approval. So here first of all you have to prepare the images of the product, which is very important part. As we know customer can not touch product online. They can only feel by seeing through a image or video.

Customer make buying decision by seeing at the images and for this you have two options. You can either do it by yourself. If there is table top item. Then you can do table top photoshoot by yourself ,sitting at your home or office. Can use mobile phone or DSLR .

Or other option is that you can hire Agency. They do photography of your product on your behalf. Once the images are ready then next step is you have to create content of your product. Content should be tremendous. Only then you can go ahead and grow. So what you have to do in this.

  • title
  • bullet points
  • description
  • keywords

Remember these four things.

Step 6: Product Pricing

It is really important to know about pricing. Keep your price in such a way that you don’t suffer loss. Just observe your competitor and maintain your price properly. If you are not getting profit then just try to change your product.

Step 7: packaging material

you can order from amazon according to your product size. so just do your amazon listing process.

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