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As we all know Diwali plays a great role in India When everybody spiritually connected and almost Population start shopping new things before weeks for decoration and celebrate Diwali. So guys it is the best time to boost sales on Amazon.

Tips to Boost Sales on Amazon During Diwali

During Diwali Period Everyone going to purchase from their Electronic items to clothes, furniture, Mobile, Laptops and so many. In India People always waits for Big Sales. 6x new Customers has increased in last Diwali Sale of 5 days sale.

15 Million units sold in last year Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale just in 5 days.

So if you are a Registered seller on Amazon then Be Prepare for Diwali 5 Days Big Sale to boost sales on Amazon. It is a Grand Opportunities for you guys.

So Let’s Start Without Wasting Your Time. How to Boost Sales on Amazon And get Profit In 2022?

As we all know there is a big competition in boost sales on Amazon. Millions of Seller selling their product to Customers on Amazon.

Important tips to Boost Sales on Amazon During Diwali:

Step 1 Use good packaging of your product to boost sales on Amazon

First important thing to boost sales on Amazon during Diwali is your product should be very good in condition. Because it’s said jo dikhta hai vhi bikta hai, If customer feel good to see your product then they will try to connect with you again in future. and they will you review and feedback also which is very important for boost sales on Amazon. so packaging of your product is very important. which helps to recall your product in customer’s mind.

Step 2 Check your product image & SEO properly

As We all know people can’t touch and feel product online. They can only get to know about product by seeing your product images and Your product SEO which is Title, Description, and Keywords of your product. Which plays a great role to enhance the visibility of your product. So just use high Quality picture for catalogue to Boost Sales on Amazon during Diwali. and elaborate your product properly in your description. Because your customer always compares product before purchase. and use relevant keywords by using keyword tools.

Step 3 FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) is the amazon warehouse where you can send your products. and then they will take care of your product’s packing , process, store, ships and deliver to the customer. and the handles returns and services. It helps to enhance visibility of your product Because in FBA you don’t need to process or shipping they provide fast service. Amazon warehouses available at multiple locations so only it is easy to deliver fast. that time it shows 1,2 or same day delivery promise to your customers. But you have to send your FBA shipments on Time.

Step 4 Seller ratings/Seller performance

Your overall seller ratings should be in good condition. your product sourcing should be genuine. and your operational performance (Cancelation Rate, LSR late dispatch rate) should be less. If these all will be less then your seller rating will be increase automatically. and if your seller rating will be increase then chances of winning BUY BOX will be higher & boost sell on Amazon.

Step 5 Prime

There are multiple benefits of Prime Program. where Customer gets confident as a Prime Seller. Because they gets free delivery and fast delivery in 1,2 or same day delivery. so customer like to purchase from prime sellers. So if you will try to be a prime seller before Diwali 5 day sale. then it will be very helpful to Boost sales on Amazon During Diwali.

Step 6 Campaign

Campaign is advertisement of your product. It can be free ads or paid also. campaign plays great role to boost your sale. Because it is a bidding system which gives more visibility to your product if you use it properly. Then you can make a good revenue from it. So this for sell on Amazon During Diwali use campaigns strategies carefully and Boost sell on Amazon during Diwali.

Step 7 Social Media Marketing

Last but not the least, If you have done everything. you just decorated your online store properly before Diwali 5 day Sale. now you can go for SMM (social media marketing). Where you can make your product more visible and you can also create your own Brand then it will help to Boost sales on Amazon During Diwali. It will give you a great result where your product can reach to more and more people all over the world. you can target people.

Well so many other tips are also available. but these are most important which will guaranteed gives a good result If you have a good product and strategies to enhance visibility of your product or Brand. So just start before boost sales on Amazon During Diwali.

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