If You are going to be a Flipkart Seller. Then you must know about Flipkart Listing Process FLIPKART. Well do not worry, we are here to make it easy for you. So if you are thinking to start an E-commerce Business or you are a Beginner. then you are at right place. But to maintain everything properly you just have to do one thing. take a notebook, pen and start making points for flipkart listing process. what to do? How To Do? and after plan everything then you have to start with me!!

Pre Registration for flipkart listing process:

1. New Mobile Number & Email :

If you will take a separate number and email id. It will be great to manage account .it will make easy for flipkart listing process.

2. Documentation :

There will be four mandatory documents which you have to upload on flipkart account.

  • GST
  • Bank Detail: It will be great if you will apply for Current Account till then you can use your Saving a/c.
  • Sign: You need to upload your sign on white paper because it will be clear visible for flipkart listing process.

3. Flipkart Seller Registration:

You have to upload some documents. Do not use zerox copy of your documents. Use original pics of your documents on Flipkart portal.

4. Flipkart Seller Approval:

You can not do product Listing before Approval. It is little difficult to take approval from Flipkart for some restricted category. Such as Food Items, Grocery, and some more. For this you have to take FSSAI License. and there will be a Physical Approval and audit on your product. After that you can start selling your product.

  • You have to take BARND APPROVAL for categories which are not restricted.
  • If Your product category is UNIQUE, Which is not available on Flipkart or not selling by any other else And if your category is not restricted category Then In these two cases You can easily start Listing and start selling your product.
  • TRADEMARK is mandatory for some Categories Such as :ELECTRONINCS, MOBILE ACCESSORIES.
  • Your Trademark must registered for Brand Approval From Flipkart.
  • If you want BRANDED ITEMS then you have to submit AUTHORIZATION LETTER or INVOICE copy.
  • If you want to sell on Your PRIVATE Level then you can submit Trademark on Flipkart.


5. Flipkart Listing Process for Products:

There are two types of flipkart listing process you can do:


First you have to face QC (Quality Check), Because Flipkart Quality Check Team will check your product’s info. So After approval your Product will be Active. Some important Points:

  • You can not give a TITLE of your product on flipkart, It will be automatically created by Flipkart according to your Product.
  • You can not get any option to fill your Product title neither Bulk sheet cataloging nor during single Listing.
  • If you do not like your product title so you will have to contact seller support. and they will help you to enhance the beauty of your title.

6. Flipkart Product Price for flipkart listing process:

You should be focused on your product price because it is backbone of your business.

  • So You have to observe your competitors.
  • You should be aware about Flipkarts’s marketplace Fee Structure details.
  • For this you can go through your flipkart portal and there you will get to know about flipkart fee structure.
  • So then you can calculate your price accordingly.

7. Flipkart Order Packing:

You can easily purchase Flipkart packing material . It will be better if you will purchase green packaging of flipkart. Pack your product properly and safely.

8. Flipkart Grow Sell:

You should be focused at this point of your business which is very important to understand. two things you must remember always.

  • Focus on Brand Building
  • Focus on Customer Acquisition

there are level tier available in flipkart which are Bronze, Silver, Gold you have to take baby steps accordingly.

9. Flipkart Delivery and Payment:

Flipkart has its own Logistic company which is EKART. With the help of Ekart you can send your flipkart product all over the India. so let’s start for flipkart listing process.

Flipkart sends payment in your account within 10-15 working days.

TIP 1: Control your RTD(Ready To Dispatch) Breaches.

TIP 2: For new/ Beginner seller Flipkart send a amount within 24hr in your account. Then You have to submit that amount to your flipkart portal. Then your Bank Account Verification will be complete.

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